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Cool summer - Waterpark
In recent years, domestic water parks everywhere, fiery competition. With the rapid development of the tourism economy, people travel product requirements and increasingly high expectations, cultural and creative spirit is more important, a pile of pure water park equipment can not meet the needs of visitors to experience more, future water Paradise competition will be the theme of culture, this type of water park which we call "theme water park."

        The so-called theme waterpark, with water as the core carrier is dependent on the waters of space, water park equipment, and give specific cultural theme park. Compared to the general theme waterpark water park, there is a clear and prominent theme positioning, integration of elements around the world, combined with local elements in landscaping, performance art, more prominent theme of culture, formed to create a panoramic view of the art of architecture . At the same time, a more complex function, on the surrounding environment and business with a huge stimulus. This phase of the theme waterpark are not only entertainment space, it is a landscape and architectural works of art.